About Us
G.Eitan Advanced Technology Ltd. was founded in 1986, and quickly became the leading Israeli supplier of advanced industrial Filtration and separation Process equipment for the industrial and Bio-Pharmaceutical markets. Our main focus is on Refineries, Gas & Oil, Chemical, Power Generation, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries.

Our company has extensive experience, in the sale and distribution of Industrial process and liquid handling equipment to the Chemical, Petrochemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Water Treatment markets, providing over the years, high levels of support and know-how to our valued customers.

Among our business partners there are leading international technology vendors, Engineering companies and consulting firms. We believe that our experience, along with our long-term relationships, and commitment to our Israeli customer base in these business segments, G.Eitan Advanced Technology as a sales, support and local stock carrying distributor, guarantees a perfect position to successfully promote a diverse product portfolio in the Israeli industrial and Pharmaceutical markets.

The companys offices, warehouses and service department are located in the Rehovot Industrial Science Park with warehouse facilities in both Rehovot and Ashdod.
Our offices are conveniently located, and are easily accessible to the north and south of Israel via Highway #6.

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ISO 9001 Certified Company

G.Eitan Advanced Technology Ltd. 10 Plaut St., Tamar Park Rehovot 76123, POB 2371, Israel | Tel:972-8-9366776, Fax:972-8-9366773 | E-Mail:
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